Stand Up for Kids

Stand Up For Kids is a US-based, volunteer orginization that has as it’s mission to “end the cycle of youth homelessness across America”.  The orginazition works to provide desperately needed services for homeless children.  Some of the services provided are GED programs, assistance in mentoring mothers with young children, assistance with job searches, laundry services, showers, health screening, and access to computers.

I had the opportunity to work with the local Atlanta chapter of Stand-Up during their annual ’48 Hours’ program where the center is opened for 48 hours straight for kids in the area to have a place to come and hang-out, and have access to the services provided.  We decided to create an event modeled after Help Portrait where we partner with hair stylists and make-up artists, and bring in studio equipment to create portraits for each of the kids.  Once completed, we print an 8×10 glossy print of the image for the kids to take with them.   The kids are fantastic, and were an absolute riot to photograph.

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