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Architecture and…. Portraiture?

We don’t often advertise it, but we do quite a few professional portraiture sessions for our clients.  It isn’t a big part of our business, but it is a very enjoyable and often challenging part.  But, to distinguish our portraiture for others’, we have tried to create a product that is not your typical ‘head in a box’ type portrait.  Since the vast majority of our work is capturing stunning interior and architectural subjects, we developed a style that would fuse the two.  Architecture and portraiture, you say?  Yes, architecture and portraiture.

While our clients are the ‘subjects’ of our portrait images, we can use elements of interior design, architecture, and textures to bring more interest, more style, and more character to the final product.

In contrast to this style, the two images we created below are what would be considered more ‘traditional’ styles of portraiture.  This consists of a subject, and a rather ‘static’ background in terms of interest.  Generally, these types are best used when only the face is of interest.  Modelling and actors’ headshots are usually in this style.IMG_3335-Edit-Edit untitled (1 of 1)

And here is an alternative style.  These types of images incorporate elements from the surroundings to add to the final product.  Generally, these surroundings add some dimension that is applicable to the ‘subject’.  These may be textures in the walls, elements of the architecture creating ‘leading lines’ to the subject, or outright literal ‘environmental’ elements of the subject’s work environment.

IMG_0992-Edit _MG_4876-Edit _MG_0082-Edit

IMG_3245-Edit _MG_0011-Edit _MG_1958-Edit _MG_1867-Edit-Edit IMG_1364-Edit IMG_1635-Edit-Edit Portfolio (84 of 90)

The combinations of background environments and interesting lighting are virtually unlimited.  These examples above incorporate the architectural and interior design elements, and they create a very visually compelling image.  What do you think of this style?  We’re always trying to stretch our creative output, so let us know what you think!

North Georgia Engagement… Radora+Nathan

Here are some images from a recent engagement shoot we did for a great couple.  I should start by saying that these two are nuts….For some, 35 degrees, cloudy and windy would be a deterrent for an outdoor shoot.  Not for these two.   With some strategic running back to the car to warm up, and quick, frenzied shooting, we got it done with very little nerve damage to their exposed extremities.   They pulled it off, though.  Doesn’t even look like they are cold…

Congratulations Radora and Nathan!  Radora-and-Nathan_-18 Radora-and-Nathan_-17 Radora-and-Nathan_-16 Radora-and-Nathan_-15 Radora-and-Nathan_-8 Radora-and-Nathan_-6 Radora-and-Nathan_-5 Radora-and-Nathan_-27 Radora-and-Nathan_-4Radora-and-Nathan_-22 Radora-and-Nathan_-24 Radora-and-Nathan_-25 _MG_8904-Edit-Edit

Photos of the Day…All-American Portraits

In case you have never heard of it, there is a thing called a ‘styled’ shoot.  Generally it is a photo shot that is designed to showcase a particular style or theme, and all of the images in the shoot follow that theme.  They are fun, they tend to produce amazing results, and one often has the opportunity to work with some very creative and talented and creative people.  This shoot wasn’t one of those…

BUT, (you should never start a sentence with but…) it had nearly every aspect of a styled shoot.  A great subject or model, a very interesting theme to photograph, and a unique location.  It just so happens that all of this came from a normal portrait shoot.  It ended up being a very all-American-like theme, and there wasn’t enough time to shoot all of the ideas we had.  Thanks so much to Kristal for being such a great sport….in 30 degree weather in Oklahoma nonetheless…

Let us know what you think!

Kristal-(4-of-9)Kristal-(8-of-9) Kristal-(9-of-9) Kristal-(1-of-9) Kristal-(2-of-9) Kristal-(3-of-9) Kristal-(5-of-9) Kristal-(6-of-9) Kristal-(7-of-9)

Gettin’ Too Cold For Portraits? Not in Georgia….

Photographers everywhere know that at a certain time of year, outdoor family portraits, or photography of many types, becomes a bit uncomfortable.  The farther north you live, the more skin-cracking portrait sessions get.  FORTUNATELY, I live in Georgia, and we shoot outdoors most of the year.  It is, however, a bit hit-or-miss in the deep winter months (although a 70 degree day is rather common).

Here are a few images from one of our ‘frozen sessions’ with my friends Mark and Charity that was actually in the 70’s.  They are my ‘Hollywood’ family because they look so great.  Let us know what you think!

Midyette-Family-(7-of-7) Midyette-Family-(3-of-7) Midyette-Family-(4-of-7) Midyette-Family-(5-of-7) Midyette-Family-(6-of-7) Midyette-Family-(2-of-7) Midyette-Family-(1-of-7)Have a great week!



Tough Guy…

Senior portraits can take many forms.  Sometimes they are sweet…sometimes they are stylish…  Sometimes they are tough.  We shot this set for Zane recently, and their only request is that he look ‘tough’.  Having worked with his football team throughout the last several years, I knew that the football route would be the way to go.

We shot this on a relatively warm evening, but when we start spraying him down with water, it actually took some ‘toughness’ to push through.  Thanks Zane for a fun shoot!

Here are some images from the shoot…  For the photographers, most shots were shot with a 2-3 light setup.  Usually 2 strip boxes on camera right and left, and a key that we switched back and forth between a 22″ beauty dish, and a 3×4 softbox.  Have a great Monday!