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I wonder if it is OK to have as much fun photographing a wedding as the bride and groom have actually BEING in the wedding.  I’m not sure, but this one was a blast!

The day started out a bit on the rainy and cloudy side, but man, that diffused light through the trees was amazing.  It doesn’t hurt to have such a great looking couple!   Ashton and Nick are high school sweethearts that have been together for years, and the time was finally right for them to tie the knot.  The sky threatened rain for most of the day, but it never came, and the day went off without a hitch.

Congratulations Ashton and Nick!  We wish you all our best for many years to come!


You know, there are couples you meet that don’t really work, and there are some that are just…well, right.  Dawn and Charlie are the latter.  They just work.  They speak their own language….literally.

You couldn’t have picked a more beautiful day for a Georgia wedding… 75 degrees and sunny.  A little breeze to keep things light, and an absolutely amazing landscape designer’s home as our setting made an amazing day even more beautiful.  Congratulations Dawn & Charlie!


Styled Wedding Shoot…

I was able to work with Savannah again on a styled bridal shoot recently.  She is so much fun and we had a great time on this short shoot.  She’ll be interning in New Zealand this summer for a local newspaper there…and I’m a bit jealous.  She’s lucky I didn’t give her Arnold Schwarzenegger arms…  Watch yourself Savannah.