Peachtree Street and a great view…

I was lucky enough to shoot Warren Sams, a local attorney, recently in his office, which has a ridiculous view looking down Peachtree Street downtown.  I had seen the view in his office before, and had always thought that it would make a great environmental portrait.  It took some finagling (yes, it’s a word) to get it done, and it also helped to have an inside person to ‘grease the wheels’ (thanks mom).  The setup is relatively simple:  Exposed for the  amount of ambient that I wanted, and settled on the aperture. (That ended up being f/29 to see a good bit of the street below)   The key is an AB1600 with a 22″ beauty dish from about 3 feet up camera right on a boom, and the fill was an AB1600 bare bulb from camera left.

Thanks so much to Warren for being a good sport.  He’s a great attorney, and a pleasure to work with.  Check him out at


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