Interior Photos of the Day… The Candler Building

In Atlanta, we are blessed with some superb architectural design.  Most of that work is, however, relatively new, as compared to some other major metropolitan cities like Chicago, Phillidelphia, New York, etc.  We don’t share the celebrated ‘old’ architecture of these cities, and it is rare that you’ll see something the reaches back even 50 years in Atlanta, despite its nearly 170 year history.  There are, however, a select few examples that were built and have been well-maintained, but they are a very select few.

One of these such examples is the magnificent Candler Building in downtown Atlanta.  Built in 1906 by architect George Murphy and the building’s namesake, Coca-Cola magnate, Asa Candler, the building was once Atlanta’s tallest.  Elements of brass, marble, mahogany, and Tiffany crystal were all handcrafted by a select group of international artists, and the stunning lobbies and elaborately-carved facade are all tributes to the world’s leaders in arts and sciences.

We recently photographed some of the interior spaces of this gem, and hand an absolute blast there.  Here are some images from the shoot.  Let us know what you think!

IMG_6773 IMG_6872

IMG_6825 IMG_6902 IMG_6939 IMG_6976

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