Interior Photos of the Day… Kade Commercial Construction – Rogers Electric

A good bit of the projects we work on are residential in nature, but we do work on quite a few commercial projects also.  They tend to afford a different kind of creativeness in how we approach the shoot.  (Nerdy photographer’s translation:  We get to mess with a ton of lights and make stuff look really cool.)

Here are some images from another shoot with Kade Commercial Construction.  They were hired by Rogers Electric to create some commercial bath spaces for their employees at one of their Atlanta locations, and Kade knocked it out of the park, again.  No matter the project or the size, Kade produces great work.  Can’t wait until our next shoot!

Have a great week, and let us know what you think!


IMG_3082-Edit IMG_3123 IMG_3133-Edit
IMG_3155 IMG_3157-Edit

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