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Tough Guy…

Senior portraits can take many forms.  Sometimes they are sweet…sometimes they are stylish…  Sometimes they are tough.  We shot this set for Zane recently, and their only request is that he look ‘tough’.  Having worked with his football team throughout the last several years, I knew that the football route would be the way to go.

We shot this on a relatively warm evening, but when we start spraying him down with water, it actually took some ‘toughness’ to push through.  Thanks Zane for a fun shoot!

Here are some images from the shoot…  For the photographers, most shots were shot with a 2-3 light setup.  Usually 2 strip boxes on camera right and left, and a key that we switched back and forth between a 22″ beauty dish, and a 3×4 softbox.  Have a great Monday!