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Gettin’ Too Cold For Portraits? Not in Georgia….

Photographers everywhere know that at a certain time of year, outdoor family portraits, or photography of many types, becomes a bit uncomfortable.  The farther north you live, the more skin-cracking portrait sessions get.  FORTUNATELY, I live in Georgia, and we shoot outdoors most of the year.  It is, however, a bit hit-or-miss in the deep winter months (although a 70 degree day is rather common).

Here are a few images from one of our ‘frozen sessions’ with my friends Mark and Charity that was actually in the 70’s.  They are my ‘Hollywood’ family because they look so great.  Let us know what you think!

Midyette-Family-(7-of-7) Midyette-Family-(3-of-7) Midyette-Family-(4-of-7) Midyette-Family-(5-of-7) Midyette-Family-(6-of-7) Midyette-Family-(2-of-7) Midyette-Family-(1-of-7)Have a great week!