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North Georgia Engagement… Radora+Nathan

Here are some images from a recent engagement shoot we did for a great couple.  I should start by saying that these two are nuts….For some, 35 degrees, cloudy and windy would be a deterrent for an outdoor shoot.  Not for these two.   With some strategic running back to the car to warm up, and quick, frenzied shooting, we got it done with very little nerve damage to their exposed extremities.   They pulled it off, though.  Doesn’t even look like they are cold…

Congratulations Radora and Nathan!  Radora-and-Nathan_-18 Radora-and-Nathan_-17 Radora-and-Nathan_-16 Radora-and-Nathan_-15 Radora-and-Nathan_-8 Radora-and-Nathan_-6 Radora-and-Nathan_-5 Radora-and-Nathan_-27 Radora-and-Nathan_-4Radora-and-Nathan_-22 Radora-and-Nathan_-24 Radora-and-Nathan_-25 _MG_8904-Edit-Edit