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Interior Photos of the Day… Advanced Center for Joint Surgery

I’m very blessed to get to work with some great clients.  One of them is Northside Hospital Forsyth.  They are expanding quite a bit, and one of the most recent expansions is the new Advanced Center for Joint Surgery at their North Forsyth campus.  We got to get in there before any patients, so here’s what it all looks before there are people…

Let us know what you think!0022-Edit 0024 0025 IMG_1456-Edit IMG_1509-Edit IMG_1534-Edit IMG_1567_8_9-Edit IMG_1608-Edit IMG_4153-Edit IMG_4190

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Interior Photos of the Day… Stunning Kitchen Transformation

It’s not often that I arrive to photograph a project which should only take a few hours, and I wish I had all day to work on it.  More often than not, Kade Homes gives me these types of projects.  This one was no exception.  The attention to detail, the intelligent design, and the utility of the design work are always hallmarks of Kade’s work.  Here are some images from a recent kitchen and basement project of theirs.  Our goal is always to present the project in such a way that the viewer can easily imagine enjoying the space, and is drawn into it through the images.  I think these do the job.

Let us know what you think!IMG_6938-Recovered IMG_6940-Edit IMG_6989-EditIMG_7084 IMG_7000-Edit IMG_7012IMG_7015
IMG_7048-Edit IMG_7072-Edit IMG_7078-Edit