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Interior Photos of the Day… Get in the Game!

Here are a few images from a recent shoot for a very cool new experience.  It is called VRX Games (Virtual Reality Experience) and it is crazy!  Your sight and hearing are transformed into another world and it is really convincing.  I gave it a shot, and I’ve never experienced anything like it!

ANYWAY, this shoot was a lot of fun, and let us know what you think!IMG_9295-Edit

Interior final IMG_9296-Edit IMG_9306-Edit IMG_9333 IMG_9334-Edit

Interior Photos of the Day… More Vickery Beautifulness…

I don’t think I’ve ever shot in Vickery and not shot a beautiful home.  While it doesn’t offer everything for everyone, there is ample design.  Every home is unique, and every home makes you feel like you’ve stepped into another world.  That is likely the main charm of Vickery… rarely does there exist a community with such a large variance of architectural styles in such close proximity to each other.  Add on top of that interior design, and it can be really exiting to photograph these homes.

Here are some images from a recent shoot in Vickery courtesy of the Komar Team.  We also produced a twilight image of this home for the client, and I think they turned out great.  Let us know what you think!
IMG_9493 IMG_9510 IMG_9516 IMG_9517 IMG_9519 IMG_9526 IMG_9541