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Atlanta Interior Photos of the Day… Contemporary Townhome

Contemporary architectural design is fascinating to see.  It is unique, and it is, unfortunately, rare.  It is easy to be lulled into sameness and familiar elements in our daily lives, but when we see spaces that have been thoroughly envisioned… from a new perspective…it is energizing.  These spaces incorporate design elements that, on the surface, don’t seem to play nicely.  But, when they do, it is a real pleasure to capture.

Here are a few images from a recent project that elevates the standard just a bit.  Let us know what you think!


IMG_6026 IMG_6020 IMG_6030-Edit IMG_6027 IMG_6045-Edit IMG_6062-Edit IMG_6070-Edit IMG_6069 IMG_6076-Edit IMG_6077 IMG_6082

Interior DESIGN Photos of the Day… The One With All the Interior Pictures in it.

Capturing stunning interior design is a cornerstone of our business.  That design can be subtle or it can be very overt, but in all cases it is interesting and I love capturing it.  We work with many interior designers that each have their own style and sensibilities, and those differences can be felt in color, texture, mood, and staging.  Our challenge is to understand and show what the room ‘feels’ like instead of just what it ‘looks’ like.  Here are a smattering of images from several different interior design projects that have a wide range of the ‘feels’…  Let us know what you think!

_MG_0337_8_9-Edit-Edit _MG_2401 _MG_2468-Edit IMG_0009 IMG_0033 IMG_0264 IMG_0278-Edit IMG_0347 IMG_0430 IMG_0436 IMG_1186 IMG_1242 IMG_1889-Edit-Edit IMG_2903 IMG_6089-Edit IMG_6522-Edit IMG_6602-Edit IMG_9825-Edit