Interior Photos of the Day… Master Bath Design

There is SOOO much design and effort put into creating master baths.  Increasingly, they have become little oases for us, and consequently, builders are pouring money and mental energy into creating spaces that can be an escape.  We have the opportunity to work with so many designers and builders that create stunning work for their clients, and here are some of them.

Let us know what you think!IMG_0116 IMG_0988-Edit IMG_1019 IMG_2390 copy IMG_2961-Edit IMG_7095-Edit IMG_7116 IMG_8660 IMG_8687 IMG_8968

Interior Photos of the Day: Buckhead Town Home

It has been a very busy summer, and we are now starting to see the light of day.  One thing that we have neglected is showing current projects as they are shot.  I probably need to hire someone to do that… :/

Anyway, here is a gorgeous Buckhead town home that had, no joke, 4 different floors of renovation work.  Here are some highlights of the completed project.  Thanks again to Kade Homes for your great work!


IMG_6522-Edit-Recovered IMG_6531-Edit-Recovered IMG_6602-Edit-Recovered IMG_6615-Edit-Recovered IMG_6503-Edit-Recovered IMG_6543-Edit-Recovered IMG_6552-Recovered IMG_6562-Edit-Recovered IMG_6577-Edit-Recovered IMG_6627-Recovered

Interior Photos of the Day… Advanced Center for Joint Surgery

I’m very blessed to get to work with some great clients.  One of them is Northside Hospital Forsyth.  They are expanding quite a bit, and one of the most recent expansions is the new Advanced Center for Joint Surgery at their North Forsyth campus.  We got to get in there before any patients, so here’s what it all looks before there are people…

Let us know what you think!0022-Edit 0024 0025 IMG_1456-Edit IMG_1509-Edit IMG_1534-Edit IMG_1567_8_9-Edit IMG_1608-Edit IMG_4153-Edit IMG_4190

IMG_4212-Edit IMG_4222-Edit IMG_4230-Edit IMG_4262-Edit IMG_4298-Edit IMG_4899-Edit

EXTERIOR Photos of the Day: Some of our Favorites…

Most of our work is capturing the feeling and lifestyle of beautiful interior spaces.  We DO capture exteriors on a regular basis, but, traditionally, most of the design emphasis in the spaces/structures we capture is on the inside, not the outside.  Occasionally, that emphasis is flipped, and we get to capture some ridiculous exteriors.  Here are some of those…

Let us know what you think!


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