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French Chateau…in Buckhead.

A while ago, we were fortunate enough to be able to do some work with award-winning landscape architect, Scott Hostetler, with Hostetler-Zhang-Studer on some of their recent work transforming a somewhat outdated exterior in Buckhead into something of a fantasy of landscapes.  To be honest, I have rarely seen this kind of detail in residential landscapes, and the closest place I can liken it to is something from Disney World.  It is truly amazing.

Scott told me that, when they purchased the property, the property was in rough shape, and had not been a priority for the previous owner.  In the back yard alone (which is more of a ‘back 40’) they had to bring the level of the soil up 4 feet.  When you see the size of the yard, you start to get some sense for the enormity of the task.  Discretion prevents me from repeating the total investment on this property, but it should suffice to say that you can’t get this stuff at any local nursery.

By the way, Scott occasionally allows tours of the property, so if you want to see some ridiculously beautiful landscape work, check it out  here.