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Interior Photos of the Day: Buckhead Town Home

It has been a very busy summer, and we are now starting to see the light of day.  One thing that we have neglected is showing current projects as they are shot.  I probably need to hire someone to do that… :/

Anyway, here is a gorgeous Buckhead town home that had, no joke, 4 different floors of renovation work.  Here are some highlights of the completed project.  Thanks again to Kade Homes for your great work!


IMG_6522-Edit-Recovered IMG_6531-Edit-Recovered IMG_6602-Edit-Recovered IMG_6615-Edit-Recovered IMG_6503-Edit-Recovered IMG_6543-Edit-Recovered IMG_6552-Recovered IMG_6562-Edit-Recovered IMG_6577-Edit-Recovered IMG_6627-Recovered

Interior Photos of the Day… Get in the Game!

Here are a few images from a recent shoot for a very cool new experience.  It is called VRX Games (Virtual Reality Experience) and it is crazy!  Your sight and hearing are transformed into another world and it is really convincing.  I gave it a shot, and I’ve never experienced anything like it!

ANYWAY, this shoot was a lot of fun, and let us know what you think!IMG_9295-Edit

Interior final IMG_9296-Edit IMG_9306-Edit IMG_9333 IMG_9334-Edit

Interior Photos of the Day… Kade Commercial Construction – Rogers Electric

A good bit of the projects we work on are residential in nature, but we do work on quite a few commercial projects also.  They tend to afford a different kind of creativeness in how we approach the shoot.  (Nerdy photographer’s translation:  We get to mess with a ton of lights and make stuff look really cool.)

Here are some images from another shoot with Kade Commercial Construction.  They were hired by Rogers Electric to create some commercial bath spaces for their employees at one of their Atlanta locations, and Kade knocked it out of the park, again.  No matter the project or the size, Kade produces great work.  Can’t wait until our next shoot!

Have a great week, and let us know what you think!


IMG_3082-Edit IMG_3123 IMG_3133-Edit
IMG_3155 IMG_3157-Edit

North Atlanta Commercial Spaces: Northside Hospital – Forsyth

More and more, commercial property owners are devoting significant resources in the design phases of construction to the eventual use and aesthetic of their properties.  This can produce some stunning spaces, with much more beauty and functionality than was common in the last few decades.  We have several examples of this in Atlanta, and today’s images come from the north side of town, Northside Hospital – Forsyth.

I do a good bit of work for Northside Hospital, and this assignment was to capture some of the interior spaces for an upcoming marketing campaign, which will show the absolute first-rate facilities and practices at the hospital.  The spaces were designed to use light in very different ways, so I tried to shoot them at times where the light was the most extreme.  I hope you like them….Let us know what you think!IMG_1558-Edit IMG_1598-Edit IMG_1628-Edit IMG_1676-Edit IMG_1724-Edit IMG_1757-Edit IMG_1782-Edit IMG_1809-Edit IMG_1817-Edit